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Want new keto meal plans, shopping lists, meal prep guides, and interval training workout plans designed by a personal trainer delivered to your inbox each week? 

Join Hassle-Free Health (beta) today!


You don’t have time to research recipes, plan out interesting meals, or put together workout routines each week. You barely have time to cook.

But, you’ve heard the keto diet and interval training exercise can get you the #bodygoal results you’re looking for.

You could use the help of someone who's “been there, done that” and knows what to do (and more importantly, what NOT to do)—a keto expert with a busy life who makes food and exercise work for them.

You’ve come to the right place!


Hassle-Free Health (beta) is done-for-you keto meal plans and personal trainer-designed interval workouts delivered to your inbox for the next six weeks.


If you’ve ever tried to lose weight before, you know it’s no walk in the park. How many weeks, months, years have you spent chasing the right combo of diet and exercise trying to get the body you’ve always wanted? And don’t get me started about trying to figure out how to eat low carb!

Maybe you’ve been…

…Frustrated trying to figure out what to eat on a keto diet.

…Overwhelmed by meal planning and meal prepping.

…Following unsustainable diets that have led you to quit as soon as you started…or worse, to binge-eat.

…Confused about what workouts to do to get the body you want.

Frankly, you just don’t know where to start. Trust me. I FEEL YOU and I’ve been there.


But what if you had a plan in your hand and a coach to guide you?

What if…you were confident that everything you were eating was helping to turn you into a fat-burning machine?

What if…in under two hours, you made all your meals for the entire week, and you didn’t have to scramble to figure out what you were going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday?

What if…you were eating food so good, you felt like you were cheating on your diet?

What if…you followed a trainer-designed workout plan that got you in and out the gym in 45 minutes and got you the results you’ve always wanted?

With the help of Hassle-Free Health (beta), you can have all that and more!

When released to the pubic, Hassle-Free Health will retail for $47 per month.

Today, Hassle-Free Health is currently open to beta members for $27!


6 weekly keto meal plans that include 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners, a shopping list, and a meal prep plan. The macros have already been calculated for each meal to make sure you have the perfect balance of fat, carbs, and protein to get into fat-burning mode.



Interval training workout plans with options for at-home and gym training, as well as modifications to make the workouts easier or more difficult, depending on your fitness level. These workouts go from warm-up to cool down in less than an hour.

$145 VALUE


Weekly Facebook Live group chats with me, your coach, that are your chance to ask me any questions you have about keto, meal prep, exercise, whatever, as well as a chance for me to share information that increases your chance of weight loss success.

$295 VALUE


Printable and reusable resources to help you achieve success with the program, including as habit trackers, shopping guides, meal maps, and more.



A private Facebook group to share tips, hold each other accountable, and encourage each other as we make our health a priority.


$595 value

$47 retail

$27 beta member price!


As a beta member, you’ll also receive a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card through the Hassle-Free Health Beta Challenge, an action-based challenge to help you get the most out of the 6 week beta test.


How do I know if Hassle-Free Health (beta) is right for me?

Good question! Hassle-Free Health is right for you if:

  • You’re interested in trying the keto diet
  • You have weight you want to lose
  • You’re too busy to plan your own weekly meal plans
  • You get frustrated when trying to figure out what foods you should eat to "be keto"
  • You’ve been working out but haven’t seen results
  • You want to lose weight and don’t know where to start
  • You want access to a professional coach and personal trainer as well as a supportive community of friends to help you reach your goals
  • You’re ready to make a lifestyle change that helps you get—and keep!—the body you want
  • You’re willing to provide feedback to help make a good program great in exchange for a discounted subscription price

What is a beta test?

A beta test is a "trial run" by a small group of people to test out a program or product before it goes live to the public. These beta testers give feedback about the program in exchange for a discounted price.

What's different about the beta round of Hassle-Free Health?

After beta, Hassle-Free Health will run on a shiny membership site with pretty, polished materials. The beta round will have a more scaled down look, as most documents are in draft form in order to let me make quick revisions before the materials are finalized.

In addition, the beta round is all about getting your feedback on the program. This is your chance to have my ear and let me know exactly what you need and what's working and what's not.

How does this all work?

Upon joining Hassle-Free Health (beta), you’ll receive access to the Hassle-Free Health HQ. That's where you’ll receive your meal plan, grocery shopping list, exercise plans, and more.

You'll also be prompted to join the private Hassle-Free Health Facebook group. Throughout the program, you’ll have access to me (and your community!) through the Facebook group, including during our Facebook Live group chats.

In addition, each week you’ll answer a short survey about what you thought about that week’s meals and exercises so I can capture your feedback in real time.

How much does Hassle-Free Health (beta) cost?

Although the value of purchasing each of the elements separately is $595, Hassle-Free Health (beta) is an investment of only $27. That means each week, you'll be paying less than $5 for a new meal plan, a grocery shopping list, a meal prep plan, a workout routine, and access to a certified health coach and personal trainer! After the beta test, Hassle-Free Health will retail for $47/month.

What if I just want the meal or exercise plan, but not both?

At this time, there’s only the option to sign up to receive both. However, using the exercise plan is completely optional.

Tell me more about how I can win that $100 Amazon gift card.

Unlike challenges that judge you on how your results look, the Hassle-Free Health beta challenge is an action-based challenge, which means everyone has a chance to win! Beta members earn points by doing small actions such as logging their food, completing the weekly survey, and attending the live calls. The beta member with the most points wins! Hassle-Free Health beta members will also have the chance to win other prizes to help them reach their goals.

Note: The beta challenge is only available during the Hassle-Free Health beta period, and to registered beta members only.



From late 2014-2015, I lost 45 lbs with the help of keto and interval training. I got to the point where sweets & bread didn’t tempt me, and I even worked out on vacation.

Then, in 2017, I started to gain it back. :(

What changed? Well, I got busy. I started working in an office with a two-hour commute. I skipped gym dates for brunch and happy hour dates. I was so busy that I was overwhelmed trying to fit in the gym and cooking meals for myself. So I didn’t, thinking I could maintain my new body without putting in the work.

Yeah, that didn’t work.

I realized I had to find a way to prepare my meals for the week, get my workouts in, get to my office each day, AND still enjoy my very active social life...and I did!

As a certified health coach and personal trainer, it’s safe to say I already knew a thing or two about getting in shape. But more importantly, I’ve learned how to balance getting the body you want while enjoying the life you have. Now, I can’t wait to pass what I’ve learned on to you!

I created Hassle-Free Health so I can help you stop putting off getting the body you want because you’re too overwhelmed, too busy, too confused about what you should be doing…

Join Hassle-Free Health (beta) and put achieving your dream body on autopilot!

Claim your spot in Hassle-Free Health today!

To ensure I can give everyone’s feedback the attention it deserves, space in the Hassle-Free Health beta round is limited, and participation is first come, first served.

If you have any questions before signing up, please feel free to email me directly at candace@theglowgetter.com!